Monday, June 28, 2010


Negletted blog due tue Grand Theft Auto 4 on Xbox 360

Watched Knight and Day, liked it

The doctor asked if my face was swollen? ouch, to chubby for the face or that Fair and Lovely does make one look tired

A staff in one of the lab, thought I was Chinese? Ni Hao? Hao..........

Non Oily Sunblock are bloody expensive and so hard to find ones that has not expired..

Bought a new pair of 1 year color contact lenses

Hated my advisor, will not further study with them..

Need to grow up, just because they are not there, it does not mean they don't care..

Stopped asking, what kind of relationship we have, and instead enjoyed time with them

Received a hamper from 7-Eleven for being bitching about their services.

Wondered if I would cry if my dad passed away too?

Suddenly have the urge to surf for phones

Made a passport

Going on a plane after 13 years not being on one

That is the things I wanted to write, but failed.. shame on me for not updating, there people who are actually interested in some of things I write.
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