Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Descent 2

I went to watch this movie, with my sister last week, courtesy of Nuffnang. I never knew there was a The Descent 1, so I was surprise there was a second movie.

What if you had a secret. A deep dark secret, as deep and as dark as an uncharted cave? What kind of things would we find lurking in there? Would you risk your self to let that secret out?

What kind of tricks does the mind plays with us in the dark? Is it really just mind tricks?

What would you do to survive? How further would you go to ensure you would be alive the next day?

This was what our main character. Sarah. has to face when she went down the cave, went out barely alive, and had to be forced to go down the cave again. She made it out alive once, but will she make it out again?

This is a typical scare, boo, gore movie. Everything is really much expected to happen, so don't be looking for a "story" because it plays a small role. All you really want to see is the hack, slash, and gore, while the camera pans for a surprise. Its quite enjoyable indeed. However this movie is about your deep dark secret and what would you do if the opportunity arrives, where you can literally bury your deep dark secrets. I got plenty of deep dark secrets too, it involves many humans too. Would I actually, bury them alive in the cave if I had the chance? I wonder if this is just anger typing or myself?. I mean if it happened accidentally during my angry moments, it would feel good if not better...........................................So? don't invite me to any caving expeditions if I have been angry with you, chances are, the grudge might still be living inside of me...
*I am tired of dealing with people that I refuse to cut ties with because I owe them the past. Seriously, I might just cut you off despite the past that we have. I am very good at cutting people out of my life, don't think that I won't do the same with you

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