Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mico, Rest in Peace

This Mico, he is my Wan's (grandmother) cat. He just passed away yesterday in his sleep. This was her faithful companion in the morning when everyone is not awake. He would sit there and listen to whatever was on my Wan's mind. He would listen and understand what she would say before he would run off and do his business of guarding the house. Mico was a favourite among all the grandchildren that Wan has. He goes in and out of the house walking pass everyone. Mico can be patient to some people or snap and scratch at them when he feels like it. He eats durians, chocolate and bread. Anything my Wan's eat, he would too. Mico would listen on command to whatever my Wan would say and obey her. We are all sad to see our beloved cat go. My second youngest aunt cried when, Mico would not stir up from his slumber. He was buried by my uncle in my Wan's backyard. I do hope Wan's finds another cat, not to replace Mico, but to keep her company and keep us all entertained. We love you Mico, and we hope you had a great life with Wan and us.
*I like this picture so much, I want to retain it as my blog header again.

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