Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday Night Drift @ MAPES

There is place that is near my faculty that held a drift race on Saturday nights on its parking lot. I never there was such thing until now. It cost RM 5 per person to watch the drift race on parking lot. This was my first time watching a drift race. If you are car lover and love races, prepare to watch Nissan Silvia, 1980 Nissan Cerfiro, Nissan Skyline, Toyota AE86, Toyota KE70/E70 and other cars drift and slides their way skillfully.
Other than drifting, audiophile likes to show off their custom ICE system with the music blasted loud.

Tonight was a bit special, since there were professional drift racers involve with the amateur drifter. It was a sight to behold, if you love cars. This event is located at the "Pintu 2" (Second Gate) of MARDI. Other than drift events, there are a carboot sale in the parking lot and a go-cart track where you can race with your friends for RM 25 for 10 minutes.

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