Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Q & A

Good mood?


Views on life?

Seemed pretty dull


I hope it burns, but when my laptop had a near death experience, I had a near death experience too. So it cannot burn


Got their good, ugly and bad. However during this times, I find that I could handle them with a smile. Even revenge can be served warmed with a smile.


You know, they are there....


Selling off the 190e. Apparently a Neo is the better car for me, the styling and handling was said to off set the patchy reliability, poor driving ergonomics, lack of key or handle to open the rear bonnet and the awkward placements of the switches.. vs the Viva.


3 pimples decide to pop out at the same time.


What relationship? I am determined to be single forever, die alone and donate all my belongings to charity.


I want to return this "year" and get a new "year". Too bad the counters open on 31st December.
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