Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Nite Out

FYI, the above are my sisters, the below are my friends, just so you won't be confused. Don't mind me on the left corner. I was just a bit off (even more than usual)

Despite it being a boring, moody, emo like weekend, it was not so bad after all. I was forced to go karaokeing with my sisters because my dad forbids it to go out after 11pm? Forced karaoke? Is there such thing? :))...

After dinner with some older friends, some hailed as far as Perak and New Zealand, I just have to hang out with someone closer to my age LOL. The topics are definitely different but both age groups are as engaging as the other. Besides these two know me well and I really needed a distraction because someone whom I thought I have gotten over with, suddenly came up. Ouch!, I was sure screwed up the whole night and into morning. Alas, not much I can do but just deal with it

Greenbox karaoke food rocks since they taste really good, there are variety and there are free flow drinks such as tea, coffee, water ,ice blend, soft drink, and juices. Well, I did try to drink 2 glasses of water and I did drink coffee with 1 teaspoon of sugar beside the sugary stuff they offer. Also, I had more veggies than other stuff they have on the menu. You know, I am definitely choosing better drinks and food now, or at least if I have something sinister to eat, I will drink a glass of plain water afterwards. Hey a dude can try to change his lifestyle a bit, although his gym going buddies says he is not trying enough. I don't care really, I am doing it my way now, and nobody is going to change but me.

*to you, I like to say "thanks" you definitely prove that I have to change for the better. I don't hate you at all, heck, I'll still be friendly with you if you decide to meet me again, heck I know we will meet again, we share mutual friends. Maybe we can get be something, but I guess now is not a good time yet. I might have my down days because of you, but just know that, I will get better, not just to get you, but whoever else in the future that is right for me...thank again you...
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