Thursday, April 8, 2010

Masked Palm Civet Cat

Seriously, what on earth is cute about this shit producing and parents yelling animal? This thing craps inside our roof on our ceilings and near our air conditioner. Gross!!. According to wiki, I believe this Asian Palm Civet cat or the Masked Palm Civet Cat. The Wild life officer said it was called Musang Pandan based on the scent.

Here are some facts about the Civet Cat.

  • Its not a cat actually, but rather cat like. Ours had a mask like a raccoon, so it could be raccoon like.
  • Did you there is this really expensive coffee that is produce from the dropping of Civet Cats. Yes, they pick up the coffee beans that the Civet Cats defeacate and then roast it and then they sell it ,and people brew it and drink it.
  • There some reports that SARS came from Civet Cats. GOOD GOD!! I am killing it if it sneezes..oh wait.. that can spread the virus.. I am staying away from it.
  • It's nocturnal, meaning it stays up at night and sleeps during the day.
  • It spits.. when I try to get near it to feed it.
  • My mom and dad, are scared of it. My mom never even seen one before. They are both from the Kampung...
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