Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mazda 2, finally in Malaysia

If I were force to buy a Japanese car again or I cannot afford to get my dream car, I would go for Mazda in a heartbeat. I love the Mazda design over that of Toyota, Nissan or Honda. Get me a Mazda, any Mazda, and I will be happy. Mazda Malaysia has done it self quite well, we can get practically all the Mazda that the entire world has. Mazda 3, Mazda 5, Mazda 6, Mazda Cx7, Mazda Cx9, Mazda Miata Mx5. Mazda Rx8 and Mazda BT 50. Yes apparently Mazda like numbers and letters for its car. The bigger the number, the bigger car. The number 3 and 6 is their sedan, number 5 is the MPV, Cx 7 and 9 are the SUV, MX5 is the cabriolet, Rx8 is the sports coupe, and BT-50 is the pickup truck. Now they have introduced Mazda 2 which comes in both sedan and hatchback form. Yes, its a small car directly competing with other Japanese marques. The Mazda 2 sedan will go head to head with Toyota Vios, Honda City, Suzuki Sx4 sedan. and Nissan Latio sedan. Mazda 2 in hatchback form will directly go head to head with Nissan Latio Sport, a hatchback version of the Latio, Suzuki Swift, Honda Jazz and Toyota Yaris. Mazda goes a different way with its cars. They focus on the "zoom zoom" factor which is great driving experience and looking sporty at the same time.

Nice sporty interior. The gearshift is on the dashboard to make it more accessible to the driver

The cabin was said to be not as spacious as it rivals, this due to its lower roof line. Tall people riding in the back, beware...

The hatchbacks looks sexy

The sedan is functional with a 450 liter boot.

Side profile of the sedan in motion.

This is the Mazda 2 with its 16 inch rims and body kit. Nice!

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