Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Vitagen Lady and Orang Elken

You have to admit, working in sales is hard work. At least that what I see. Trying to convince a company or a customer why your product is great without pushing them or being rude to them. I salute this people.

Those who sell door to door is even worse. Imagine getting slammed in the face with a door or getting ignored like a cobblestone on a road. Just now a lady who we called "The Vitagen Lady", as the name suggest, sells Vitagen door to door on her trusty Toyota Corolla SEG. Every Saturday afternoon she would ring our door bell asking if we want to buy Vitagen. Actually the Vitagen she sells is quite reasonably priced lower than the hyper markets, but sometimes the hypermarket sells a better deal, so my mother stocks up on Vitagen from the hyper market, instead from the The Vitagen Lady.

We then have the "Orang Elken". Actually this is a family that drives around in their Mercedes E Class, selling Elken products. This ingenious in my point of view, instead of renting a store/stall/office space, they drive to their customers or downline homes to sell the products. This way they save money on rent, they are able to promote the latest products and they are able to get closer and personal to their customers and downline. Mr Orang Elken, even has a credit card reader that he plugs into our phone line, so that my dad can use his credit card to purchase our monthly Elken products.

My respects for these people for going the extra mile, literally, to find a living.
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