Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The things we do to our faces

Yes, things we do to get rid of acne. From lotions, to ointments, to toners to miracle creams, all promising to get rid of the horrible red, white, boils on your face. Too bad some of it don't work at all, some even aggravate acne even more, worst of all, even if it does clear up your acne problem, the acne will still come back. Its a on going battle on your skin!. It starts and usually end during puberty but some unlucky people it continue on till they are in their 50s. I still have it (reason why I still have products to treat acne). Acne is cause both by bacteria and androgen stimulation. A pharmacist told me, women usually gets it during their period which is the time their hormones changes according to the stages of their period,and men gets it because they produce more androgen than women. Bacteria plays an important role too since acne provides a passage way for the bacteria to penetrate our skin. Yeah, I think I am gonna keep a stock of the acne solutions for a very long time, since acne seem to appear the least when you want it. So wash that face, apply that acne ointment and get on with life. It will still come back anyway so might as well deal with it and don't let it stop your life. Just bitch slap anyone concerning about your skin, just say you infected them with your acne (you can't get infected with acne from someone suffering from it), it probably give them something to think about. Who wants to risk it right?
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