Monday, April 5, 2010

Fooled You Fooled Me

Yes, I am the biggest fool. I am easily suckered into things by sweet talk and empty promises. Things such as relationship and post grad. Gosh, I was so naive, to believe everything they told me. Its quite sad and frustrating but some how, I just have to get through this. I feel angry, I feel sad, I feel screwed up. I don't know why, but I just keep believing the same old lie, over and over again. What is wrong with me, too much hope? So much for being optimistic. I think I got the optimistic and pessimistic parts of life mixed, which makes me screwed up, which causes this blog to be sooo melodramatic. Maybe I'll start a new one perhaps?..................... Nah.. let it be lah, I don't want to keep promoting stuff or trying to think of things to write. Might as well keep it personal and rojak right :D.. Sigh.. just as I was about to become normal and me again, my groove got stolen, just when I got it back, I accidentally dropped it. God knows, when will I learned. I don't want to be too angry, but I do feel angry when I feel cheated or lied too, but people say that is life and its something that all of us have to dealt with. Well, at least I am taking the next step to slowly move on and be free from it. I think I intentionally wrapped myself with this chain of misery. I should let go, I have let it go a few times already, why does this one is so hard to let go.....
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