Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So Hard?

Is it hard to return things that you borrow to where they belong? Is it hard to just ensure whatever you borrow is returned back in a condition where they were borrowed at the first time? Is it hard to return the items that you borrowed before the owners need to use it? Is it hard to ask first? I hate these kind of people. They should replace lab animals so that we can conduct all kind of experiment on them. I mean that would be the only good use to these kind of people. Monday mornings are bad enough, but to be frantically searching for the SMART TAG in the morning, is not a good sight. Stress level high, blood pressure rises, and the liberal usage of profanities is typical on a Monday morning to some but I don’t need extra frustration that is unplanned and easily prevented to be added to my Monday mornings.

SMART TAG is a device where we insert the Touch n Go card in, so that we can use in the SMART TAG lanes. Its those automatic toll paying device, where you don’t have to stop to pay for tolls, but merely slow down till a “beep” is heard to know that you have paid for your toll. Other countries have similar devices that is used for tolls in there highway’s or toll for driving in the city. I live outside of Kuala Lumpur (KL), so most roads that leads into KL is toll based, although there are some toll free roads, the congestion and time it takes, is not worth it. Even my trip to the University cost RM 1 at the toll, I could go into Kajang town and go through 3 traffic lights along with the traffic congestion.

We have 5 SMART TAG devices in our house, because we have 5 cars. This is to prevent from the devices from being transfer from one car to the other car. It’s very stressful to drive a car and then realize when you arrived at the toll booth, the SMART TAG is not in the car, so you had to queue up with the rest of the drivers who are paying cash (the only reason that you need to pay cash now days is because you want to collect the receipt).

It’s so frustrating that even though there is a SMART TAG for each car, sometimes one the car’s will be missing a SMART TAG or a Touch n Go card. Yes, it was missing. Its like WHAT THE F@#K is wrong with you people. WHY THE F#@$ING hell did you have to take it out from my F&#@ING car, when I F&#$ing need it. I don’t borrow your F%$#ing stuff, so don’t borrow my F#@$ing stuff you F##$ing S%$T head.
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