Saturday, May 23, 2009

An Inside Story

The old faithful has to be sent to the workshop again. All is forgiven if you are an 18 year old car that traveled half of the USA and then rode a ship to Malaysia.
My engine was spewing white smoke, I was told the engine lubricant was burning in the combustion chamber. "Taukeh" told me one of my cylinder is having problem. Erkk.. we are having a financial crisis right now, perhaps we will have a look at it later.

I have no what this is, but its rusted. "Taukeh" said they will clean it out.

One of the reason's I can't change the cylinder right now is my car has 6 of them. You need to change all 6, if not the car will be unbalanced. This is an in line 6 cylinder engine. Most car's in Malaysia has 4, with Kelisa, Kancil and my Viva having 3 cylinder only. This is the cylinder head cover. You can see the pathway for the valve, for the intake and exhaust.

These are the valves for my engine. My car has 2 valves per cylinder, which is a basic format for an engine. Most car's now have 4 valves per cylinder, with certain cars having 5 valves per cylinder

My cylinder head has a hole and they have to weld it. They told the best way is to just do a complete overhaul which includes replacing the cylinder head. Err.. it will be almost RM 5k.. let us try welding and polishing the head first. Car's are expensive, but I will blog on how to get a car that won't cost you are fortune maintaining it.

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