Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Last Saturday, I went to my lab assistant’s son’s wedding. It was a nice wedding, Simple but cheerful. Most important, they cook the feast for the banquet themselves instead of catering. Cater food does not taste as good as those home cooked feast. The wedding itself has a very “kampung” vibe to it, judging from the food and atmosphere. When I told my mum about it, she said the people who cooked and organized the feast must be from Melaka. I guess so, since I felt very much at home at the wedding.

Left and right people I know are getting married. I got the shock of my life when one of my friend was getting engaged after 7 months of dating. I was like, what!, no way!, really?, wow!, hey congrats to them. I also know a friend who has been married for 12 years and he is only 34 years old. Which means he was married at the age of 22. I was pursuing my bachelor degree when I was 22. Then, there was this one couple that I know that got married after they finished their degree. Now the husband is doing his PhD in Japan while the wife stayed in Malaysia to her PhD. They both are converting their Master degree into a PhD degree.

The funny thing about me getting the surprise of my life when hearing and knowing these news, is not that immediately jump on the bandwagon and get hitched, nor do I feel inferior that they found their special someone. I mean we are all created on earth to find our soul mate right. I feel well a bit weird, since I do thing some are quite young to be hitched or that some got married too soon, but then that is just me. I have no desire to built a nest anytime soon. It’s not in my nearest plan for the future anyway.

I do sometime see someone, either from online, from my friends acquaintance, or that occasional psychopath that you meet out of coincidence. However none of them made me feel like I want to settle down. The thing I think about the most is the next car I would like to own. A pickup, a SUV, a large sedan or a sport car. Who am I to judge on their choices, if they are happy on the path that they choose, I am too (although a bad day can literally feel like your life is hopeless) with my own choice.

I wish them all the best in their marriage and relationship. It’s probably not my thing now, but who knows right, once I meet the right person I might settle down….but only after a Mazda Rx8 on my car porch :D
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