Monday, May 4, 2009

Underneath Your Clothes, There Is A Different Story.

I hate sweaty arm pits. I hate it when I can actually feel the sweat trickling down my arm. A damp pit on your shirt is not very appealing to many. It kinda ruins your whole look that you do. One cannot be like the Hollywood stars and get botox injection to your armpits. Apparently other than wrinkles, it works great to prevent excessive sweating. However its too expensive and I am not sure having a needle jab into my arm pit. What's worst that is that sweaty arm pits can cause B.O.

There is nothing worst like body odor or known as B.O to some. It ruins job interviews, failed relationships, causes panic and increases anger level. Exaggerating? I think most of us has experienced how B.O can really make your day turn sour. What does one do? Do we have to become mouth breather, practice holding our breath as long as possible, or spray some perfume and that god forsaken pits. Don't confuse this with natural body smell. Some people do smell naturally good, blame the pheromones for this unique scent that is present in everyone.

These two problem related with each other and can cause discomfort to the person and those around them. Sure there is deodorant and anti perspirant in the market, but sometimes certain brands or certain application of deodorant do not work well on others.

My brother has terrible anti perpirant problem. He gets so sweaty and wet, it turned into the most horrific and foul smelly B.O. He tries to wear deodorant from all brands and type but none of it worked well enough for him. Somehow along the way, we noticed he stopped smelling foul and is dry enough for us to touch. He told us his secret. He uses a Speedstick Anti Perspirant and Deodorant and a Nivea Dry Impact for Men. He claims this was the combination to stop him from sweating. A stick type deodorant that is then covered by a spray type. I did not really believe his combination until I tried it myself. However, I used a Rexona Roll On deodorant and Nivea Dry Impact combination. The result, my underarms were dry. They usually get wet easily even by the slightest sweating, but not when I used the combination. It was a pleasant surprise for my self. Maybe some of you may think that the Nivea spray deodorant is the reason for the dryness, but I used the spray before and did not like how the vapours enter my nose. So I do believe both combination provided an excellent protection and coverage to me.

A friend of mine has this terrible B.O problem, but so far we did not pin point it to excessive sweating. Since his underarms were relatively dry. So it has to be B.O. A blogger friend of mine swears that using Nivea Whitening for women has cured his problem. It sounded strange, but it worked for him. So I decided to try and recommended it to my friend with the B.O problem. He hesitated at first but after I told him he really did stink and before this I did not had the guts to talk about it to him but after he said his girlfriend sometime complain that he does, I straight away spilled the beans to him and he gave in. The results? It really worked, Nivea Whitening roll on work to combat B.O. Now I don't have to open the windows when he rides in my car.
Note, this is not a advertisement for the products mention above (I love to, but I don't think the company likes me mix matching their products and other company's products together)
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