Saturday, May 9, 2009

Mobile Banking

You gotta love Internet banking. You can do almost everything here, transfer account, pay bills, pay loans, pay credit cards and even reload. Everything that does not require cash or cheques. I mean its great for me, since I plan to use the car as often as I could (as soon as get home I will pay the credit card so that I will know my money has ran out). As a result I have become the source of reloads, and account transfer to everyone in my family. This is great since I don't have to go out in the middle of the night just to get prepaid. However I have to have an Internet connection in order to do so, and sometimes when I am on the road, my family would sms me for prepaid reload which makes it very inconvenient for me to stop to find an ATM (you can reload prepaid at the ATM), or any regular prepaid shop.

CIMB does offer mobile banking, but sadly both of my phone are not compatible with the system. They offer a list of compatible phones with Nokia topping the list of most phone compatible with CIMB. I could get a second hand phone, but somehow my experience of using a second hand phone is not good, I mean come on, it's a phone, it could be dropped, thrown, water damaged and so on. So it's based on luck when buying second hand phones. I am not sure should I get it or not, its nice to get a new phone and its nice to be able to just reload anytime and anywhere where the connection is strong.

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