Wednesday, May 6, 2009


It's common knowledge that protein helps to build muscle. It is even more important when you are using it extensively such as doing hard labour, doing strenuous jobs or lifting weights. Protein your muscle to recover faster so you can go and do the whole process again. That is why these gym rat will have a protein shake after a workout. It keeps their muscle for deteriorating and strained the day after the workout. I don't think I am at that stage of drinking a protein shake yet (its cost almost RM300 the good type), since I haven't really properly lift weights on a regular basis. It takes a lot of time really, you can easily spend 2 hours lifting weights and not even realise it. Besides, all I want to do is, to go on the cross trainer and get off as soon as I can. I should watch my diet more instead of replacing the calories I lost :p, but it's okay for now. I did went back to lifting weight after a 2 week pause (I was in no mood in lifting anything), and I had a good workout. However I made the mistake of just eating dinner like nothing happened, which mean I did not add a bit more protein to the meal (usually 2-3 poached eggs is enough to prevent muscle fatigue). So now my chest and arms are aching for two days straight.. Erghh.. bring on the lean protein now to repair these muscles. My weight did not really move that much (it fluctuates), but at least I look trimmer according to relatives and friends, so that gym membership did not go to waste after all :D
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