Friday, May 8, 2009

An Old Friend Is Hard To Rid

Yes, my Mercedes 190e is an old friend. This is the car that has been with us the longest. Almost 14 years, this car has served my family. My dad brought it back from the US, when he studied there. So yes, its a left hand drive car and its still brings smile, stares, and curiosity to anyone and everyone.
I went to the workshop for alignment of the tires. The car tend to go the right when the steering is straight ahead. So all 4 wheels need to be align. RM 30 sounds well priced. They had this machine with the data of almost all vehicle makes in the world as long as the chassis number can still be read.
You must be a real car lover or someone with a lot of patience to own this car. One of the main reason for this, is the difficulty to obtain spare parts because this is such a rare car on the road. Even the tires size is rare 205/60/R15, most of the shops will carry 3 or 4 pairs of it. The tires are also quite expensive since it is relatively thick and wide. I end up just changing a pair of the tires instead of all 4 of it. So the front and rear tires are of different brands. It won't be a problem really as long as the pair is the same brand. Many times my family wanted to sell the car, but sometimes when it is working well, we did not have the heart to let it go. I don't have the heart to let it go either, many things have happened to me in this car, lots of life changing events happened in it. Let's see if we can keep it for another 5 years :)
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