Monday, May 25, 2009

New Old Oven

Heloooo new old oven. Yes "new" old oven. Basically we fixed our old oven, yay \^_^/ The glass that was covering the door came off during a baking session last Raya. Only now we have managed to fix it. This is the only two pieces of appliance that still remain in use in the 12 years that we bought them all at once, the other one is our Toshiba TV. The rest of our appliances has gone ghost (washing machine, microwave, vacuum cleaner, fridge) So this oven is basically older than my youngest sister. My mom is a clean freak so the oven still looks new.

This the oven we used to bake cookies and stuff. This oven is also used a toaster oven where we toast bread or baked nuggets, burger, pizza and potato wedges.

Now I could bake more cookies at half the time since I could load more cookies in. Now it takes just 1 hour and half to finish making and baking one batch of cookies.

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