Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What Do You Do?

What do you do if you fail to wake up regularly each morning. I think I have depended on my mum banging on my door to wake me up. I somehow ignored her calls now. Maybe I should just tape the phone to my ear or get a bigger alarm clock :D. Its fun reading other people post with the new Nuffnang Xchange widgets. Its that thing on the bottom right corner of this page, that you can click to read other people's blog. There are 65000 nuffnang members, so its a good way to randomly read what other people are writing. The good thing about this new widget is they promote blogger who has less than 300 people reading it each day. So you just get normal people such as you and me who writes blog for their each and own purposes. I still refuse to open Kenny Sia blog :p, even though I read somewhere he is the most famous Malaysian blogger :p. Envy? perhaps, sore loser? maybe, my choice, definitely :D, sometimes the simple things in life is probably the funniest and best to read.
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