Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blog About It

I love blogging because it helps me to express myself and allows me to put my thoughts and feeling on that day on digital format. It's so weird when looking back at previous post, that I could still remember how I felt that day. If something happens, I feel like I want to type it on the spot and post it. Alas, most of the time I am not on the computer or I am busy doing something else. I already set up the email option of posting up my post (I can just email it to blogger and it will be in blog format), too bad the mobile blogging seem to not work in Malaysia, which uses MMS. I need a phone with Internet capability so I can post anytime or any day (but most likely there is connection). Those small notebooks (with out DVD drive and runs on XP) are nifty with its 8 second start up time (as claimed), are a good way to update as soon as possible. There is this option on blogger where you could type as much post as you want and then put a timer on it so that it will be updated through out the day or week. Other bloggers such as Saharil and Red Mummy, makes full use of this, since they already have a busy and hectic life. Its a cool feature but you need to have something to write about right. I think pictures are important too, since they speak more that word do sometimes.

The new E75, I don't red, but for this phone I would like it in red. So nice, with the sliding QWERTY pad to make typing much faster, but its gonna cost me an arm and a leg.

E63 is nice too, although the QWERTY pad does not slide, the display is much bigger though. It cost half of the E75, so it will cost me an arm only.

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