Monday, May 18, 2009


I love peppermint tea, its taste like regular tea that you drank after you brush your teeth :D. Very refreshing and cool. Once I freaked a friend out by giving him this tea. My friend is very old fashion and very malay, since the tea he drinks are teh o, teh o ice, and teh tarik. I love seeing his reaction when he exclaimed "Ko letak ubat gigi ker nih (Did you put tootpaste in this)". If you are at those high end cafe, or restaurants, ordering tea by the pot can be the best value. Since it comes in a small teapot and refilling with hot water is free, you can get up to 4 cups of tea from one bag. Although after the second cup, the tea becomes rather bland since all the flavour are in the first two cups.
Dominos, introduced their newest card. Its basically the same "buy one get one free" card for takeaway purchases. Its more expensive now, but since you can use it as much as you want, it is good value, since they hiked up the price on their pizza. I love Dominos because they are generous with their sauce and their pepperoni taste better than Pizza Hut.
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