Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Yeah, the weather has been pretty hot lately, everyone is saying it, so I am too :p. For me today it was a bit unbearable. I had a great buffet lunch with lots and lots of food, which includes a chocolate fondue. As the result, I am still digesting the food, even though its already 10pm. Another side effect I did not notice is, I felt much hotter than usual. I guess my body is trying its best to process what I have eaten. No gym tonight T_T but its okay. I don't mind having this big body, because I like food and I will continue to eat. However another inch of my waist is not so bad :p. I am okay, I am fine by my gym. Just like the trainer said, if you are comfortable with what you have now, who are other people to question it?. Back to the issue, I have been trying to sleep with just the fan on, but today is unbearable with my body going to max trying to detox me out, so I feel quite hot, even though I already drank 4 glasses of plain water. Beside its only 26 Celsius. My sister sets the temperature at 16 Celsius. Now that is crazy.
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