Thursday, May 14, 2009

Of family and of memories

I could not parallel park at IMR because the space was not long enough to fit my car. It does not help that there are other people parking illegally and blocking the access to this space to every car except the Kancil and Smart Fortwo.

It was a weird moment for me, when I accidentally bumped into my mother at Tesco today. Why is it weird? Well for once I still live with her, then when it comes to groceries shopping, it’s either I go with her, she goes alone or I go alone but never going together separately without knowing that the other is going. For me it’s like bumping into my relatives that I see once a month or a year instead of everyday. Hmm a glimpse into the future perhaps, when I am living on my own?

Well, she went to Tesco, driving my car the Viva while I had to drive the Naza Ria. This is because my sister is at home for her semester break, so she has to drive my sister to and from school. It would be inconvenient to drive the huge silver whale (Ria) to the school with all that congestion that consist of cars, busses, parents, children and motorcyclist on the road.

I think she loves driving the small, fuel efficient, easy to park, easy to drive car for those short errands. 80% of the time a small car can do most of the things that we need from a car. I like driving the Naza Ria, the huge size, the great stereo and the commanding view of the road is nice. Its easy to deal with road bullies because you don’t have to go fast, you can just block their way by driving the speed limit and smile while doing it.

Speaking of cars, our other car is in the workshop. The mechanic is running around looking for spare parts, used spare parts that is. Even the used spare parts will cost us almost RM 2k. Its expensive because Mercedes don’t need to be repaired that much. Our car is already 18 years old, but still drives better than most cars that is half its age. Well we will see how long before my dad gives up and sells the car. Although I secretly don’t want to….
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