Monday, May 18, 2009

That's Hot

Yeah, I feel hot. So hot it hurts, literally. The weather recently has been incredibly hot and dry that even the grass are drying up. This in turns make me sweat even more, but using my brother's technique of using a roll on deodorant first and then applying the spray on anti perspirant makes me clean and dry all day. My sister told me, when she sprays her chest and back, it kept her dry in those area too. Anyways, I started hitting the weights again out of sheer boredom. So what did I achieved out of this? I was sore all day long. I decided a heating cream would do the trick to relieve the pain. It has been a long time since I needed to used it. Well it has been to long, since I forgotten I should not have applied it liberally. As the result, I felt like dancing half naked in my room. This is because the cream felt so hot and it stings like heck. Suddenly I had groove and rhythm. It was not funny to me because its like trading one pain for another. At least now the heat turns into a nice cooling sensation, which why I could type now.

That's hot

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