Sunday, May 10, 2009


I was driving home after driving my sister to KLCC for some motivational camp/course thing that her school made, when I saw white smoke on my rear view mirror. The first thing that occur in my mind was, damn 2 stroke motorcycle, polluting the air. However I realise there was no motorcycler that was following nor overtook me. The white smoke came from my car. I know there is not much I can do, since the car was not everheating and still could move. The only problem was I am giving out smoke signals to people on the moon.

Before I send it to my workshop, I did my own research about white smoke coming out from the exhaust. White smoke is the result of your engine burning off your coolant, black smoke is burning your engine is burning off too much petrol and blue smoke is when your engine burns off your coolant. I gave him my point of view, but judging from his poor malay and english, I have no idea what he said to me >_<, but he said a valve that control the oil is broken and leaking oil in the cylinder and exhaust system. What it really means that its going to cost more than RM 1k to fix this car.... X_X
This is the first scratch after 3 months we painted the bumper of my sisters car which is done by the owner which is my sister.
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