Monday, November 24, 2008

The Satay Dinner

Last Saturday was the day of our beloved Kak Pinky arrival to Malaysia from New Zealand. She had a satay dinner planned and I helped her organized the event. I booked the restaurant of her choice, Satay Hj Samuri in Kajang. The one near the Kajang Stadium and across the Kajang Police Station. The event was planned to start at 9.30 but due to Kajang famous traffic jam, most guest arrived near 10pm.

There were 16 people that was on Kak Pinky's list that she gave me on our YM chats which include various bloggers, facebook member, a few of Kak Pinky's friends and her sister. Male guest includes Abg Bear, Dr Shah (Zharn), Dr Josh, Dr Syuk, Hamzan, Ad, Wahdi, Kak Pinky's sisters male friend and conicidentaly a friend that Kak Pinky befriended on her flight home which was actually Josh's church member. Female guest includes Dibah, Dr Shah, Kak Pinky's friend and Kak Pinky's own flesh and blood sister. There were missing guest that were missed dearly which includes Hairie, Hamdi and En Arip. We wished you were here :).

It was my first time meeting Ad and Wahdi after reading their blogs for quite sometime now. Finally I get to see Ad's full face :D and get to see the man behind all the breath taking photographs, nice cars, and saliva inducing recipe, Wahdi :D. You will probably get to read and see the nice looking pictures and their blogs but here is my snippet of pictures I snapped using my VGA camera. Coincidentally, it was Kak Pinky's first time to meet the majority of the bloggers here but since we already knew each other very much through calls and chats, we got along instantly :D.

Wahdi gave Kak Pinky a special and very intriguing present. I was actually baffled of what the food item was. They look like fuzzy pink hamburgers. Kak Pinky was sweet enough to split the food item to us. OMG! they were actually coconut candy sweets!! with melted chocolate marshmallow in the middle!!. WHOA!!! and coconut itself was pink!!!. So cool!! :D

This is Dr Dibah (I did not know she was a Dr until I read Ad's blog) she brought these really cute looking pink frosted cupcakes with the names of the guest that she got written on top.

They were so cute! Unlike other cupcakes I tried, these cupcakes had sweet frosting on top instead of just cream and butter frosting. YUM!!!. I enjoyed the night every much and it was nice meeting old and new friends. Thank god everything went well :D and there were no hiccups with the dinner :D.
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