Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Teenage Anguish

I just noticed something, if I am not mistaken most of the blogs I read and the blog readers that I know are either single, not married, married with no children yet, or married with children that is under 15. So basically no one is raising a teenager yet. Well I am, for 1 month I am in charge of 1 teenager. Lets see his stats, 18yr old, has a driving license, doing his diploma, plays the guitar and in a rock band, likes to go out and goes to gigs. Does this scream teenage anguish cum rebellious? It does, you can't yell at him or he gets all emo or scremo (emo is a song genre and so is screamo). I am going out of my mind actually on how to deal with him. At least now I know how my mother felt when dealing with him. I wish my dad was here, at least with his authoritative power and the right to give him a good smack would deal him good.
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