Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Service, Mice, Petrol, Travel and Worry

Popular Bookstore. I used to go to its branch in Sg Wang 10 years ago to buy music since I obtained their discount card. Now very rarely go here. However I like to point out the bitch.. oppps I mean store clerk is a total bitch. She crumpled my magazine to scanned it and did not smile or even make an eye contact when she dealt with me. I will banish this store forever from my list. I should come back and check if there is any complaints form available there.

Finally some of my female mice got pregnant. According to her size, she should have a good batch of litter. No need for me to buy new mice.

Hmm while fueling up today on my drive to Perak, I noticed the fuel price went lower again, which is good news. The bad news is even though petrol prices are down, none of the goods that went on a price hike, lowered their price too.

Online Check in, the next best thing since cheap mobile cellphone rates. Emirates has an online check in so that one does not have to come 3 hours early or que up to check in. You only have to come in 90 minutes early from your flight to check in your baggage and the online check in counter has far shorter que.
We sent my mother to Sudan via Emirates airline at KLIA. She will be staying with my dad for a month in Sudan. Which means just us 5 siblings in the house for the whole month. The irony is today is the exact same date my mother left us when she performed Haj last year. Strange though I feel sadder now and felt even more worried than I did last year. Heck I been worried and paranoid all week long. God knows where I got the strength to drive all day today. I been driving for about 8 hours today, from Kajang to UiTM Seri Iskandar Perak and back and then Kajang to KLIA and back. I was flooring our MPV to Perak and lucky enough we did not get a ticket during a roadblock that was held a few kilometers before the Tapah Rest area. Funny enough the people who were driving fast on the highway were those driving MPVs with big engines (Naza Ria, Estima, Alphard, Oddysey. etc). The big capacity engine in these vehicles, makes driving feeling very relaxed at 130km/h.

Hmm almost end of the year already, 3rd semester is over. What have I accomplished? Bad dreams began to appear, getting sick more often, feeling paranoa more often....
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