Sunday, November 2, 2008

Greener Grass..

I am feeling very pissed off today. I am really angry with just about everything in life right now. I am being very anal with everything now. So many thing to write, to bitch about, but I think I will just list down two.

  • You are lucky, you are still a student. Student life is easy, everything is taken care off.

Oooh I absolutely love to dread this statement from those who are working. I am just wondering which level of education are they talking about? Secondary, diploma and degree have pretty much the same concept. Go to class, there is a person in front of you giving you lessons, you do homework and then you take a test. Simple life really and I do agree with that. When else can spend half of your day hanging out with your friends. Maybe these people are saying this type of student life. However, have they tasted post graduate school A.K.A MSc and PhD ? This is radically different from what we are used before. No more cramming 30 in a class, instead you have very small pupils in a class unless the class in combined with Phd, MSc students from many courses. I was the only student in my class in first semester. Can you imagine just you and the professor head on. Something that will permanently etched in my mind. What about homework, well there is none. Lucky? not really, what you do have is plenty of hemorrhaging causing journals to be read, presentations to be done and experiments to be performed. Speaking of experiments, usually they will fail at the first, second, third, fourth and fifth time. So you end up trying and trying it until you get it. Holiday? What holiday? there is no holiday during your post grad studies. There is sneaking out or lying to your advisor but there is no holiday per say. Yes I agree working life is stressful, all the stories I hear from my working friends about their problem with their bosses, clients and colleagues really scare me. Yup I hear all these stories while riding their nice cars, eating with them a really nice restaurants, fooling around with their PDAs and Ipods, and looking at the nice photos they took during their trip to Australia. I be happy if I get to go to another state other than my kampung.

Student life less stressful than working life? Only if you are doing secondary school, diploma or degree. Not MSc or PhD. I think many of those who graduated would resist beating the life out of a person who asked do you want to do your MSc or PhD again....

  • You are lucky to be living with your parents. Free food, nice bed, free utilities, freshly wash clothes. That is the good life.

Yah sure everything is nice but you must remember you live with your parents. Unless your parents are hippies and let you roam around as you wish. Its not exactly something you want to do forever. I have strict parents. My mother would freak if we don't return by sundown. My dad says as long as we are his children, whether we are 2, 12, 22, or 42, he will always be right and we would always be wrong. My mother loves to ask about my friends. Who are they, their names, where are they from, what does their parents do for a living. The best question would probably comes after she ask how old they are. If they are 28 and above her next question would be "are they married" if I said no, she would ask "why are they not married yet?".......... I cringe at that question which I don't even asked to people, which I feel is very very personal. So tired of having to deal with all the cars at my house. 5 cars in total, for me to take care off. I can't get my brother to take care of it because my mother feels he is too young to take care of it but she lets him drive it everywhere. Yup the little shit head can get away with murder I bet once he shows his sad puppy face to my mother.

Well all type of torture has to end someday. My master will end soon and I do hope I get a job far far far far away from home. Heck I finally be able to throw a makan2 and invite my friends over for a chance. Just me and my own baggage to take care off..
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