Friday, October 31, 2008

Things to do in the lab

The ill fated mice that was chosen for my weekly sacrifice. They must die, so I can live and the rest of human kind can benefit from this research.

We are like a family here, always helping out and working together for work or play. My lab technologist Kak Hanim and my lab mate Zouk is practicing to use the DSLR that our lab bought. Its better for us all to understand how to use it so that if the time comes for us to take really good photographs of our research, we would know how.

Kak Yaya, another lab mate who works at the lab next door, hiding behind a box of Eppendoff pipettes. She is a regular visitor in our lab to borrow stuff or just to hang out.

Another successful serum collection. This is only the second time I gotten a serum with out any blood cells lysed.

Sometimes boredom in the lab slowly kills you, and there is nothing like a really good emotion filled yawn complete with the ugly face. No need to cover, no need to be polite. Its the best yawn ever :p

I did not noticed that I dressed up in a camouflage to blend in with my room. I am currently more particular with clothes now. I find items that fits instead of being baggy and tent like. I use to take like 30 seconds to wear something when I got to class or going out. Now it takes at least half an hour, which sometime includes a change of clothes if it does not feel or looked good. Gosh now I am even particular about the socks and underwear I have on. Everything must be perfect. I am this close of ironing all the jeans and collared T shirt that I am planning to wear. All of you may wonder why the sudden change. I guess I got tired of being the selekeh (unkept) one in the family. My youngest sister and I are the ones who are unkept among our siblings. I just don't like to dress up, but after constant nagging and how my sister laughed when I said my budget to buy raya clothes was RM 100. Well they just created a monster and this monster is planning to buy more shoes to add to his wardrobe collection.

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