Saturday, October 11, 2008

Kereta oh Kereta

The Mercedes need its rounding service. This time I am going to another workshop, my dad use to go to this place when it was in Cheras, but now they moved to Kajang. They are specialist at European cars.

Using mineral oil now instead of the semi synthetic. From my point of view, older cars such as mine better suited with mineral oil. Its thicker so it can protected the worn out and loose part better than the semi. Beside instead of 7000km interval of the semi synthetic, I think the 5000km interval is better, so that the car can be checked more often.

I saw this lime green Volkswagen beetle at the workshop.

It has nice chrome rims and tyres combination.

My Vivi was injured today :(

One of the lamps was scratched.

Parts of the front bumper was also deeply scratched.

The room came down after the worker my mother hired to paint our roof, came crashing down with the roof. Pieced of the debris hit my car.

This the part of the roof that cam crashing down. I am not sure who to be pissed off at today. Is it the workers fault for stepping on the weakest part of the roof? My mother's fault for not telling me people were painting the roof this weekend? My fault for not waking up earlier? The contractors fault for using cheap ass wood to hold the roof? I was pissed off more when I told my mom I kept my cool when they crashed on my car and she told me its just physical objects. That guy also crashed down. Gee mother, what if the new 3 time more expensive Accord got hit, or your new leather pursed is destroyed, will you say the same thing..

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