Sunday, October 26, 2008

Face, gym and advice

I just gotten a haircut. Although people say its not long, I just don't like how the side will puff out making my face look wider than it already is. The new barber I go to does a better job than my previous barber. A cut, shave, and scalp massage with a certain oil is only RM 10. I don't have to explain much except that I want it short and he gives exactly what I want. I took this picture after I gotten the haircut. I looked very jambu in my point of view. I bet some of you think its weird for me to get a shave since you don't see me with any facial hair. Its because I have almost nothing except for the wolverine sideburns. Some ladies have more facial hair than I do. I need my monthly dye job to cover those ridiculous straight grey hair in the curly black hair at the back of my hair.

My gym card, with my picture when I first join in. I do look chubbier in this pic than I do now, at least that show I am showing some progress. I skipped 6 days of gym this week because I had other appointments and gained back most of the weight I lost during fasting. Am I freaking out? Nope I am cool about it. I know that its normal because all they weight is just water and muscle. If I miss a few classes I don't get angry, I just continue on and have fun with it. I want this to be a habit, not just something I have to do. Some people get intimidated with the muscle heads at the gym, I don't. Let them with their 50kg weights while I deal with my 5 kg weights. I still do it with my head held up high. I am just too tired or focus to care. Some people get distracted by the half naked bodies at the pool or the tight, sweat soaked gym clothes of those with great figure. I mean if you can get distracted, then you are not working hard enough. I could care less if they were walking naked because with a good workout will leave you pump up, tired, sore but feeling good. However seeing flat abs of that trainer, or those nice shoulder and arms of the muscle head, does push me to do that extra rep or run an extra 10 minutes :p

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