Thursday, October 9, 2008

Monday to Wendnesday

Vivi needs its second service.

Regrets sending it today, waited 4 hours to get it serviced.

Thank God for free Wifi.

As like any people who lost weight during fasting, you gain it all back the first week of Raya.

Hit the gym again.. need to burn 700 kcalories a day and weight train 3 times a week.

Afraid exercise will cause food binging, but need protein to repair the sore (still sore) muscles. Beef burger on chapati, YUM!!

Josh invited to join him and Danial Ma at Metropoint Starbucks. First time meeting Danial in person. A jovial guy and friendly guy to meet :D. First time reading Wahaza blog. Thank you to Josh for the Raspberry Blackcurrant Frapachino :D

Dania's Ibook and Iphone 3g

Iphone 3g, so cool, so light, and who is that making a face in that phone ;)

Later that night, went to Old Town Kopitiam at Sg Chua. Met Abg Bear and Shah after a few months of not meeting with them. Met Wahaza for the first time. Cool guy, lots of knowledge in IT and Iphones.

Stories of Iphones, blogs, handphones and gossip were thrown around the table. Many thanks to Abg Bear and Shah for the chicken Por Fun and Ice lemon tea. It was short, nice and pleasurable.

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