Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tagged by a doctor...

Doc syuk Tagged me :)

1. When is the last time you ran? 4 days ago, on the elyptical machine at my gym. I love that machine to death.

2. Do your jeans have rips, tears and holes in them? Just at the base of the trousers. I have no waist so my jeans sag down to my hips and the base tipes drags along.

3. What are you dreading right now? My prof, my SDS PAGE is still not succesfull, he is hunting me down :(.

4. Do you celebrate 4/20? huh?

5. When is the last time you saw your significant other? I don't have any right now if you talk about that significant other, but significant people that are important to me? just 10 minutes ago.

6. Do you get the full eight hours of sleep every night? Weekends sadly :(

7. What is your favorite current song? Thunder by Boys Likes Girls

8. If anyone came to your house on your lazy days, what would you do? Welcome them and ask them to chill out and be lazy along with me

9. Who last grabbed your ass? I don't remember, I don't have a grabable ass yet.

10. Have you ever been in your school’s band? I played the clarinet for 2 and half years at my secondary school in the US and then for 2 semester at diploma.

11. Do you own a pair of Converse? None for now

12. Did you copy and paste this survey?Duh, you think I am crazy to rewrite the whole damn thing?

13. Do you eat raw cookie dough? Yes, but just a nibble.

14. Have you ever kicked a vending machine? If the swallowed my money

15. Do you hate it when a radio ruins a song by playing a slow one after it? Nope

16. Do you watch Trading Places? I think so, a bit if the person who you are trading places lives far away from you

17. Have you ever stayed on line a long time waiting for someone? For someone I love only

18. Are you ‘cocky’? At time I am, I can held my head up high.

19. Could you live without a computer? Yes and life would be very boring with out it

20. Do you wear your shoes in the house? No I do not

21. At what age did you find out Santa was not real? Since I first knew what Santa was.

22. How many phones, house phones and cell phones are there in your home? 6 mobile phones, 2 house phones, if you count everyones handphones

23. What do you do when you are sad? Exercise or eat. Exercise and then eat is so much better :)

24. Who would you call first if you won the lottery? My mother.

25. Last time you saw your best friend? I never saw him, we knew each other online only

26. Who, or What sleeps with you? Just a couple of pillows, but it would be nice to sleep with someone who can handle my snoring :p

27. Are you still in High School? No I am not

28. Is anyone on your bad side now? Currently no.

29. What jewelry are you wearing now? A watch if you count it as jewerly

30. What is the first thing that you do when you get on line? Open my Yahoo Messenger

31. Do you watch Grey’s Anatomy?I used to follow it.

32. Would you ever wear a boy/girlfriends clothes? Nope, I don't drag

33. Where do you work? Serdang

34. What are you doing on Friday? Dunno yet.

35. Is Justin Timberlake becoming the next Michael Jackson? Nope

36. Favorite name for a girl? Isabella

37. Favorite name for a boy? Amin

38. Will you keep your own name when you get married? Yup I will.

39. When is the last time you left your house? Just a few hours ao

40. Do you return your cart (I assume trolley)? If its near

41. Do you have a dishwasher?I don't but I wish to own one.

42. What noise do you hear? Sound of aircond

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