Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Coast Soutwest Grill part 1

My mother's birthday will be on this Saturday, and as usual we will have a birthday dinner. She said she craves Nacho Cheese. Its chips made from corn, drizzled with mixture of cheese which contained mostly cheddar cheese and certain spices with pickled jalapeno peppers. My mother loves the Nacho we had at Wallmart when we stayed in the US 10 years ago. (Wallmart is what Giant is to us)

A friend I knew in Facebook told me of a restaurant that he has in Alamanda Putrajaya, called The Coast Southwest Grill. It claims to be a Tex-Mex restaurant, similar to Chillies and TGF. So I thought I would give it a try since Alamanda is a lot closer to us than Pavillion, KLCC, Sunway Pyramid or Midvalley.

There was no customers when I entered the restaurant. I asked the manager is this place just opened? He said this restaurant opened the same time Alamanda did. Well this restaurant is located outside of Alamanda. If you were shopping inside, you would not know this place existed. Its in the same row as Starbucks and other restaurants that faced outside.

It has its own bar too, the deco is nice, although I was quite confuse the theme of the restaurant.

Finally the meal I ordered arrived. I ordered the Senorita Nachos to see how good their Nachos are. It came on a huge plate. It consist of corn chips, covered with marinara sauce, bell pepper, fajitas beef and fajita onions. Then it was smothered with Cheddar Cheese and then in the middle we have tomatoes, lettuce and sour cream. Then it was garnished with pickled jalapeno peppers. The chips was still crispy when I got it. The taste was amazing and it fitted to be a Nacho. However those who are not accustomed to cheese might fine the cheddar to be very strong. I think they used a strong cheddar because strong cheese has a hint of bitterness. I wish it to be spicier/hotter/pedas but since it has marinara based sauce it was not supposed to be. I really liked it but I was so full that I could not finish the last chips. I give it a 7/10.

I really liked this Hawaiian Blend Smoothie. Its a blend of pineapple and banana with heaps of vanilla ice cream or milk. It smooth, not too sour and not to sweet, just nice. I just had a simple meal at this restaurant , however I think its good enough to bring my mother too. So this Saturday we will see how my other family members will react.

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