Friday, October 24, 2008

4 days of pleasure or pain..

These past 4 days (Sunday to Thursday) was full so many activities from morning till night. I meant to upload it but I just could not stay awake :D. So as usual, these lazy days require only pictures and a little caption for all to enjoy :)
The picture above was stolen from Abg Bears site. My wondrous week started with an invitation to join a dinner at Williams, Danial Ma's first visit here. It was the first time I tasted the dish abg bear loved which was the Pastra Arabiata Seafood special. He said it did not taste as good as before, but for me it was really nice :)

Monday was my friend's Zuk, convocation. My lab friend decided to take pictures with him and give him flowers to congratulate him for being able to graduate and further his masters.

Zuk's dad on his right, his girlfriend on his side and his mother on his left. All of them looked very cute with their Maroon outfit :).

After my friend's convo, it was time to take a visit to the animal house and check on the animals. There I met, a good friend I knew since my diploma years at Arau, which is Ana. She is doing an experiment with Dragon fruit, so she is testing the fruit on rats. Ana has to force feed the rats so that they will consume a controlled amount of the fruit.

See, they are okay, if you know how to handle them :)

On the same day also, I happened to stumble upon a chat friend, Kuzid.. His older brother had his convocation too on the same day. We managed to bump each other during lunch at a restaurant nearby. We made plans and met up for drinks at night.

He is a a cat owner too. Kuzid's friend named this cat Kuzid also :D. Its an America short hair according to them :) judging by the size and pattern on the fur

This picture was stolen from Hamdi's facebook account. What are we doing?

We were having a birthday dinner for a local blogger and friend, Saharil Conteng on Tuesday.

The birthday boy was bullied for little bit by the sporting staff of TGIF.

After the meal we headed to Coffee Bean for some hot drinks.

I very rarely stepped into coffee bean and tea leaf. I wanted some tea so I chose Moroccan mint. It was the perfect choice since the medium strength tea and cool peppermint was soothing for my full stomach :).

On Wendesday, I accompanied my mother to the Jusco Sale. Can you imagine, we arrive at 9 am. The parking lot was already full..

So we had to park at an empty land beside Jusco Cheras Selatan.

The congestion continue on inside the store, since people were lining up to by really cheap stuff. Dynamo 5 liter was 10 ringgit cheaper than usual.

Soo many people :(

Even existing the mall was quite the hassle. I had to drive into the mall parking to pick up my mother because we had so much stuff.

My back seat was full with all the stuff my mother bought.

At least there were the guards to take control of the traffic.

On Wednesday I went to see a movie with a friend.

We bought the premier tickets. This is the first time I set foot in these type of cinema. They have couple seats for couples to sit and snuggle. Very comfortable.

The place we went to, was called GSC signature at The Gardens midvalley

I forgotten to take my laptop along, only after 45 minutes into the movie I realised the horrible mistake I made. At least the laptop was safe. I saw Max Payne and thought the movie sucked. Its a movie based on a video games. Since I know the video game, I can't helped to biased against this movie.

Today on Thursday, I finally went ahead to do my SDS PAGE electrophoresis.

This the first tiem I am doing this, and I was kinda of nervous

Hopefully it will work..

Please work :(

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