Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Coast Soutwest Grill part 2

We had my mother's birthday dinner on Saturday at The Coast. I was nervous if the food was up to my mother expectation. We arrive a little after 8.30pm, and I could see the manager Hasrul already looking a bit tense :p.

My mother in the middle with her older daughter and her youngest daughter by her side.

I want to be in a picture also :D. Tired of being behind the lens all the time :D

We ordered chilled juice and ice lemon tea. Starting from the drink at the front, we had apple juice, guava juice and ice lemon tea. They come from a box I think so nothing to scream or shout about.

My sister wanted the BBQ chicken wings. Its well cooked, but there is not flavour in the batter used to coat the chicken wings. The chicken is well cooked with no visible blood in the meat like some other chicken wings at other restaurants. I guess it makes sense because the BBQ sauce that came with it, is strong and rich with flavour. Well my youngest sister finished all of it, so it must have been good :D.

My older sister had the Cesar salad with grilled chicken. The salad DELICIOUS, the Romaine lettuce was fresh, the croutons were crunchy and light while the dressing was delightful. My older sister gave it a thumbs up.

My younger sister wanted garlic bread, so we ordered a basket of garlic bread that came on a plate... :p These were like one the BEST garlic bread our family have ever tasted. The bread was warm, soft and crunchy. The put a layer of butter, garlic and another layer of butter garlic. So what you get is a delicious, crunchy and flavourful bread. It was so good we ordered two sets of it.

This was something my mother wanted on her birthday. Nacho with salsa and cheese. THANK GOD!!! this dish satisfied her. The corn chips was nice and crunchy. The salsa was well prepared and the cheese beef dip called queso taste exactly like what we had in the USA. My youngest sister who was born in Malaysia, could not care less why were all moaning with pleasure when eating these chips :p

We also had these Cheese Nacho. Its nachos with the beef queso layered on it with melted cheese on top with jalapeno slices. Tomato and lettuce salad with a bit of lemon juiced garnish the middle. We like this very much, however our only complaint is that the jalapeno peppers were not hot enough. To the owner Abang Feiroz, Tesco Kajang actually sells jalapeno peppers which are really hot. Please use them in your dish for that EXTRA kick okay :D. Well in the end, my family loved The Coast. We were full that day because we went to open house all day long, so all we had were starters and salads. Yup folks these are not the main course. Wait till my other sister and brother are here so we all could go to The Coast hungry to order the main dish :D

For the month of October only, there is a promotion, if you 4 or more people come to eat at The Coast. There will be a 50% discount on the bill, provided you have paid and leave within 1 hour after you ordered. Thank god the food was prepared quite fast :D.
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