Monday, October 20, 2008

The Weekend

Summary of things happened during the weekends.

I went to a friend's house on Friday and saw this injured cat in the cage. Poor thing got in a fight and had a serious flesh wound. Now it is recuperating inside this cage until the scar heals.

Yipee!, on Saturday morning I finally a successfully performed a cardiac puncture from my mice heart. Just one pull I could extract this much blood. The serum turn out okay too :).

My lab friends and I were invited to an open house by our lecturer located in a place called Jenderang. Very remote and hard to find place. I saw this interesting design for a water tank. A balconi just for a water tank, how cute :D. My lab techinician said its a common design for folks coming from Kelantan.

The birthday dinner for my mother that was very successful.

My very adorable and playful cousin. Goes absolutely crazy over phones :D

I went to Sunway Pyramid on Sunday. I had to go down a few levels before I could find any parking.

There was a milk campaign conducted by Tetra Pack to promote milk among the customers at Sunway Pyramid. Also there was a giant upright walking cow there too :D. I was Sunway to meet up with Wahaza. I though we were supposed to meet in Sunway Pyramid, but I miss read his SMS, instead we were supposed to meet at the shop lots before Sunway Pyramid :p. I finally met up with him only to find him frustrated of a bad hairstyle he got from a salon that he just went too. IT WAS BAD!!!!! He said he wants to trim it off, but I told him (and secretly begged him to colour it back to something more natural looking). Thank god for A Cut Above to save the day, and bring some normality back to him :D

After the hair raising experienced, Wahaza and I met up Abg Bear, Hairie, Josh and Danial at Williams. Its our get together before Danial flies of back to Kota Baru, United Kingdom.

Foods, thoughts and laughter was shared among us that night. Stories of the past and present were shared together. I still find it hard to believe they averaged 10 years older than I am. I guess age is only a number but life experiences and way of thinking is what brings friends together. Same thing happens in the my lab also, our age varies but we still get along pretty well together, although I still don't want to be caught in the same room with my advisor. I will die a slow death :p, but the similarly aged lab assistant is some one I don't mind hanging out with because he is pretty cool :D.

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