Thursday, November 20, 2008

A thin white line in the sky

I was always a person who is very independent. I do my own things at my own pace using my own method. Somehow lately I was just so busy trying to catch up with everyone else and trying to blend in, I almost lost myself. I actually had to take a deep breath and hold back a while. Why would I want to try so hard to blend in or pretend to be someone I am not. Its like, screw them all. Like me as I am or just don’t like me at all. Its sounds strong right, but it’s the best thing for one self. However you can’t be yourself totally. In some situation you just have to bend a bit. I mean how you act in front of your parents is different how you act with your friends. Even with friends there are different way to mingle with different friends. You don’t want to lose your self but also you don’t want to end up being a complete fake. There is thin line that separates them both.

A song from Camp Rock. I like it, its has a good message of being proud of oneself

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