Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bumper to Bumper, Wallet to Register

Our 190e had a huge crack on its bumper and also it was also in the process of falling off. Rather than taking the chance to scrap the road with the bumper, we had to get it changed.

Cars in the 80s and early 90s used to have heavy bumpers that required you to fasten it to the body of the car with a lot of screws and nut. My mother rear ended a Waja with our 190e. The Waja had suffered from crumpled bumper right into the bonnet well and had its reverse sensor broken. While our car suffered just a scratch on the bumper.

One problem with this car is the sparsity of spare parts. For example this cooler for the air conditioner had to be taken off a lorry. As a result the fan that cools the radiator and cooler for the air conditioner system protrudes out.

This Taiwan made bumper could not accommodate the fan, so we had to make an alteration to it.

They had to cut a hole in the middle so that the fan could spin properly to cool the engine and the air conditioner system. Total cost, RM 750. Its a nice car to own and will always be the centre of attention but like any supermodel the maintenance is quite high. I really want to keep this car because so many first things happened in this car.

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