Monday, November 24, 2008

A Quarter.

A quarter, an American coin value. I am also a quarter of a century, and I grew with a hint of American values when my family and I stayed there for a few years. Quarter of century is 25 of a 100, or 1/4 of 100. 25 more than eligible to vote, more than legal to drink in everywhere in the world, last year to be considered as young adult. Gee. 25 huh.. I can't say I am happy nor can I say I am sad. I guess I feel so indifferent. Looking back one year ago, it has been the most important year in my life. It has define who I am and where I want to be. It is the pivot of my life of where I want to head. People told me I am wiser beyond my years, I mean I have to believe since people who I communicate through the Internet via chats, blogs and profiles on the net who most never able to see me in real life told me I am. Am I? I guess when you start to worry whether your siblings have enough money, whether they are being fed, are they doing well enough in their exams, is the house locked, will thieves come and break in my house, i can't just go out carefree as usually without worrying them.. Hmm perhaps..

25.. 25 to life.... Do I regret what happened? Not really..I do wish I could do it differently but that is just cheating now right.. Another year passed and another year awaits me.
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