Sunday, June 14, 2009

Food and Friends

Eating is good, going out with friends is good too, but combining them two together is the best.
Seafood dinner at Riverview restaurant at Sg Buloh. Heavenly.

Grilled lamb by my dad. These came all the way from Sudan. Finger licking good.

Baked chocolate chip almond bar.

Slightly different from the normal way of baking the cookie. This make it every cake like.

Although regulars ones are nice and crispy

Tepayaki beef, chicken and shrimps with mushrooms at the Legend Hotel.

Hmm Mix Grill at William. Yum, with pandan chicken, sausages, chicken scramble and 2 types of salami with a side of mashed potatoes.

Baked Lasangnia, suprising sour. Like really sour as is someone trying to kill me with vinegar, but the meatballs saved the day, as always.
Ricosta with seafood. I am not sure if I spelled that right, it has servings of baked salmon, shrimps, clams and bamboo clams. Yum!

A Japanese buffet dinner at the Legend Hotel. Yum! all you can eat raw seafood ;)

Don't fret, they also many other types of cooked food.
Food should always be enjoyed with people you love to be around :)

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