Friday, June 26, 2009


Maturity, its not something that you get with age, but something you get with life experiences. Usually the ones that made you loose 5kg in a month (through fasting and meditating), ones that make you cry till we of the night or those that made you wake up in cold sweat. These experiences are so strong it forces us to really stop and think about the actions that we do.
Drama its part of life, but handling those with who likes to be dramatic is weary. I am dramatic from the way I talk, and the way I describe things, but I hate drama with people I am with. Perhaps the drama I produce are more than enough to satisfy my needs. Thank you for those who are closest to me who do not produce drama.
There comes to a point where you just don't care anymore about what your siblings do. Maybe I am less emphatic to someone who does not help himself or who always get backed up our mother. He should be lucky mother is still alive and well, since I would kick him out until he has some sense to come back and clean himself up.
Lab work is weary especially when I need to buy new reagents. Its weary because my "thrifty" advisor is extra "thrifty" when it comes to buying reagents. Its one of the things that stalls my progress, but probably just one of the life experience that will be valuable in the future.
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