Friday, June 5, 2009


Sometimes I am not sure whether its gut feeling, following the herd, over analysing, or not using your head. Arghh.. I can seem to separate them apart enough, and what happened is I stalled, just like a beginner driver's trying to work the manual shift. A sudden shift in plan, made me stalled again today. Hmm I don't blame anyone nor I am mad, but it does causes ripples in my plan for today. I was also invited for the "akad nikah" of a friend, but I really don't fancy going to those thing, which includes the engagement ceremony. Its just really incredibly boring, full of waiting, and keeping quiet. The wedding is something I am okay to attend, but only if the wedding is festive, full with people, music, noise and laughter. The last wedding I attended was kinda quite, even the kompang was not very happening.

This was at my cousin's wedding in 2006. It was our first "blood" cousin from my dad side that got married.

I even forgotten that I wore Baju Melayu during that time. 3 years has passed. I believed more things had happened in the past 3 years, that the past 13 years. Let's just say I had a crash course in life.

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