Saturday, June 27, 2009

Food = Arabic

Oooh Barbican.? Yes Barbican, its a non alcoholic beer. Its made as the same thing as beer which is malt and hops, but its not processes into beer. This is a raspberry flavoured one and taste nice, and not too sweet :).

Peppermint Tea for my friend

Grilled Lamb and Beriyani rice with Tomato sauce and sour cream on the side, with these incredibly insanely SPICY chillies. I know because I took a bite out of it.

Arabic salad and then grilled chicken with arabic bread and garlic sauce.
Everything was soo good, but I can't help thinking that this reminds me of how my parents cook :p. They know how to make everything on the menu except the bread. We even ate Basmati rice (which is used to make the Beriyani) each day. I am not exactly surprised that is taste like this because its something I am used to eat, but then to have something that taste exactly like home cooking, now that is a feat itself. Even the priced is reasonable, for the exotic dish that we ate, about RM 50 for two, almost the same price at William. Hmm.. not sure if my family would want to go here, but this is definitely a place to eat..Err.. where is it... hik.. sorry I forgotten the take a snap of the restaurant -_-" its one of those restaurants located in a up class housing area in Ampang. I will informed you all ASAP :D

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