Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I wonder

Ergh.. I wonder if I be able to finish masters. Getting the mood to write and meet lecturers get heavier and heavier. Even blogging is hard now. Sigh.. I haven't snap any pictures worth to put in the blog. Its so much easier to put a picture and then write a caption. Its simple and not annoying. I had surprised call from my friend saying he is dating my ex. Wait? My ex? When the hell did I declare to anyone the past 6 months. So I just had to call him, and asked what's up. He said my conversation from a friend at YM and into real life said that I was in relationship with the person. Hohoh, relationship yes, but not that it was declared or anything. The dates were okay, but there were no chemistry. My friend was like "are you okay with me dating you ex?" I was like "not my ex laaa, go la have fun".. hehe as I am typing this he is either enjoying or regretting his first date...
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