Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Trip

I really want to blog on the road, or at least have something electronic for me to type my thoughts and feeling during that particular time. Sometimes I want to be spontaneous with my thoughts, its just not the same having to type it at the end of the day or another day. Maybe I should recharge my old PDA, which has Word in it, so I can fill it in anytime I please. These are just a few thing I managed to write during my trip.

29/5/2009 9.00 AM

I went to Penang this weekend. Yey!, I attended an AIDS conference there. I like to gain new knowledge and new discover about the disease.

Yes I did not fall asleep this time around when we drive on the Penang bridge.

29/5/2009 2.19 PM
We have arrived in Penang. The hotel initial service sucked. There is no aircond nor fan in the lobby. They also kept up waiting more than one hour, because our rooms are not ready. They did nothing to say to they were sorry. REJECT Hotel.

At least the beaches is nice, since the Hotel is connected to the beach.

Hydro Hotel, it has it faults (okay a lot of them), but I did enjoy my stayed there (probably because of my company there)

29/5/2009 9.43 PM
I love going to other people’s kampung. Its really nice to see them in their comfort zone. On my trip to Penang, I get to visit Shah’s kampung. A teres in the island, which cost like 10 times the original amount now. I love it when Shah speaks his Penang dialect, its sooo adorable. Its one of the things I love to see my friends in their own dialects.. His family is very accommodating and very very tall.
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