Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Samseng Jalanan

Modenas Kristar. Its 110cc with a disc brake up front, it has a small compartment under the seat, that does not fit a helmet but practical to store your sandals and raincoat. To bad the motorcycle is quite heavy and tall, which blunts the acceleration.

Samseng jalanan, is the word we are supposed to use to replace mat rempit. Well I think I may return to my motorcycle roots. I find out that many of those I currently know, does not know I have a motorcycle license and a motorcycle, since it is parked behind my house, and I rarely ride it anymore. Leaving it to my younger brother, is not wise, since he seem to have it busted up and stuff. I forgotten how cheap is it to ride a motorcycle. No toll, usually no parking fee and cheap on petrol. However I do remember it can be really hot on a motorcycle (I can never get to cold on a motorcycle, unless you told me to ride up Genting, I love riding through the rain, if it was not so dangerous and I did not care that my clothes are getting wet.) I feel that I might use it even more now, since I plan to save up my cash a bit. I try to use to go to gym for now, or even to The Mines or Alamanda. I literally freaked out today, because I thought I used up RM 1k in a week!. After calming down and literally backtracking all the things I used to money for, it turns out I still have around RM 400 in hand. That was a big relief to me. I do not want to be in debt again like the time I overswiped my credit card, that was big and stupid mistake I made upon myself.
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