Friday, June 12, 2009

Hmm, my parents and sisters went to Indonesia for a shopping vacation, while leaving myself and my brother at home. I choose not to go, because I can't afford for my animals to die (as I am typing this, I am at IMR yet again asking for the parasites, but at least now its more like a two way deal, which means, if my parasites dies, I could come here, and if their parasites dies they could come to me), while my brother with his band thing. I thought these 4 days 3 nights of parents free time, would be the perfect opportunity to go all wild and crazy, sadly to said, it was not. I feel I have even more responsibility to do . I try to keep the house as it is before my parents left, which means the plants are alive, the cars are clean and the laundry is not piled up to the ceiling. As I am typing this, the only fun thing I get to do is to have a Japanese buffet dinner with close friends (I really appreciated guys, thanks  ) but then if my parents were
home, I still would have a good time. I also wanted to a night of baking you know, where I could make all these wonderful cakes and cookies, then experiment on the various types of frosting that I could make or decorate the cake with. Its Friday already, two days since they have been gone and yet not that much so called freedom that I was excited with, but more of a responsibility. I guess things did not turn out the way I want it to be. Heck, one of the things I really wanted to do is to take a joyride on my dad's Honda Accord and also meet up with a good of friend of mind from Pahang. Alas, these two things did not materialized .. Seriously, that Japanese Buffet dinner has to be the highlight of these so called "freedom" days.. Sigh..
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